A Digital Transportation Network

Pinmarx is a digital transportation network that operates a proprietary software application called Pinmarx Connect. Our network, software, customer base & service provider and dealer channel make up the parts of our Platform. Our Platform supports companies that rely on any asset in their organization including transportation, material handling, facility & warehouse equipment. The primary goal of the Pinmarx Connect platform is to activate every asset owned, leased, rented, or under the control of the customer and schedule maintenance, service & repairs when required.

Although platforms also assist in removing or minimize the risks associated with an asset investment for each customer, the primary objective of our Pinmarx Connect platform is to aggregate all assets under one easy-to-use software program. For both our customer and service provider or dealer, this translates into a quick, simple, and more accurate order assignment. Our platform matches service providers with assets needing maintenance, service, or repairs in a scheduled, non-scheduled, or on-demand environment that is free to operate. Our platform also assists customers in need of rental units while assets are being repaired at service centers or in the field.

As our platform acquires more data it can be tailored to assist customers in staying compliant with government legislation or regulation and provide a unique view of costs by mile, by time, or by asset history. Because Pinmarx and Pinmarx Connect are free-to-join for both the service provider or dealer and the customer, our platform is viewed as quite a value by most entities. Neither requires payment on a weekly, monthly or annual basis to participate in order submission or order assignment. As The World’s First Free-To-Join Digital Network, our transparency and accuracy are a few of our objectives.

What is an FMC?

Fleet Management Company FMC’s support companies that rely on transportation services in their business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle or asset investment. A major goal of FMC’s is to help customers improving efficiency, increase productivity and reduce waste when operating their transportation program. This may include staffing, tracking costs and staying compliant with government legislation or regulation.

FMC organizations generally sell or lease assets to customers based on volume purchasing commitments they have with OEM’s and then charge fees or re-bill customers for their service on a monthly, annual, or multi-year interval under contract to buyers or customers for their support. They also charge an additional fee or percentage to service providers commonly know as vendors or suppliers when those entities work on vehicles or assets that are under contracts with their customers. This process is known as “double-ending or double-dipping” and generally a major profit center for FMC organizations both large and small.

Why can Pinmarx succeed?

The Pinmarx platform is designed from thresholds established by the customers, service organizations and even FMC’s. Because we don’t set the rules on any transaction or sell assets to customers, our platform co-exists transparently with many other organizations. Customers that own, lease or rent assets now have the freedom to set-up their services any way they choose and can customize how they want their support. Because traditional groups in the FMC world have established heavy contracts that are weighted with several penalty clauses, customers have generally found end-of-term arrangements that are costly with no alternative for their organizations. Additionally, service providers find increased pressure to lower costs and spend countless hours trying to get approvals instead of wrenching on assets that generate income for their mobile or brick and mortar repair facilities. As other technology organizations have entered into the transportation space, Pinmarx has a distinct advantage based on proprietary knowledge of intricate processes and many years of experience in how to establish long-term arrangements that are beneficial to the overall platform growth and existence.

What is the Difference between FMC’s and Pinmarx?

The Pinmarx platform provides free sales leads to dealerships & OEM’s without compensation from the selling parties in exchange for future revenues during maintenance, service or repair events. This includes new sales, upgrades, rentals and long-term leases. Our platform does not charge fees to customers for any services and we collect 100% of our income from service providers on each invoice or transaction archived in our system. The Pinmarx Connect Platform will eventually process every aspect of a transaction from submitted order to final invoice payment but generally works on less that ¼ of the revenue stream of a traditional FMC because our overhead is much different and more efficient. Platforms like Pinmarx & Pinmarx Connect are generally owned by technology driven companies that use analytics, data and machine learning as part of their primary decision-making process. Additionally, Pinmarx is 100% cloud based and does not employ a sales staff to ensure low overhead and low operating costs for the future of our organization