La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries saves money
and improves vendor service at Pacific
Northwest locations with the support of
Pinmarx Connect software.

As one of the leading furniture companies, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries utilized Pinmarx Connect to service a regional Pacific Northwest fleet of light and medium-duty assets. The company transports, delivers, warehouses and provides a full range of furniture pick-up, disposal and furniture repair services. Currently operating their mixed fleet of Pacific Northwest assets that range from light-duty Ford vans, medium-duty box trucks and material handling equipment. La-Z-Boy Furniture has been able to submit requests via Pinmarx Connect and order services ranging from oil changes, engine work, towing and DOT inspections which improves asset utilization and safety.


When La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries began to look for a fleet coordination platform, they didn’t have a formal software platform in place to schedule DOT’s, inspections and standard preventative maintenance. Many processes were being tracked manually through spreadsheets and other notification processes, but it wasn’t simple and as automated as they’d like. Beyond the standard needs of tracking equipment costs, managing preventive maintenance and tracking safety compliance, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries knew they needed software and vendor support that would notify their management and schedule approved vendors with an agreed digital process. After reviewing other fleet management programs and DIY SaaS software on the market, the Pinmarx Connect platform was selected as being the best overall solution for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. “The Pinmarx Connect program is the most complete software service provider support and tracking platform that identifies schedules and costs and improves operations and utilization,” said Josh Coleman, Operations Manager at La-Z-Boy Furniture”

Solutions Provided

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries implemented the Pinmarx Connect™ software platform in 2012. To fit their needs, their regional locations were set-up with:

-90 Day Scheduled Safety Inspections.
-12 Month Federal Annual Inspections.
-Preventative Maintenance Scheduling.
-On-Site Mobile (LOF) Oil Change Services.

“We needed help tracking different parts of our fleet services prior to working with Pinmarx”, said Mr. Coleman. “We have been able to track costs and maintain our rigid safety standards using Pinmarx Connect and their professional vendor network. Having a long term relationship over the years, has allowed us to view costs, track repairs and limit the number of costly road calls each year.”

Excellent Results

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries has been involved with many improvements for their operations since the software and vendor support was implemented. One of the biggest impacts was completing safety inspections every quarter and tracking noted defects so smaller repairs didn’t turn into larger repairs while drivers were on routes. This process saved time & money.

“We saved time & money within the first two service rotations by going through our records and reducing parts & labor costs by nearly 15%. All services were quoted with local vendors and Pinmarx provided us mobile on-site services or their local vendors agreed to pick-up and deliver each asset. “That type of on demand service was what we were looking for”, said Mr. Coleman. “The ordering platform of Pinmarx Connect has been clearly a benefit to our organization and continues to make things flow and operate with ease!” “You can set scheduling parameters that are simple & easy to use” Mr. Coleman said. “We’ve been able to manage our assets and standardize many of our own processes which meet our internal safety guidelines while Pinmarx helps us keep our vendors more accountable.”

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Industry Furniture Delivery

# of Assets Managed at all Branches 18

Year Implemented: 2012

“We’ve saved more than 15% by using a professional platform that was experienced with our assets.”

– Josh Coleman

Warehouse Facilities Manager La-Z-Boy Furniture

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