Fleet Services

Pinmarx will help your organization reduce fleet management costs and properly schedule all preventative maintenance and service activities. Our repair shops offer quick reliable services that maximize vehicle uptime with on-site and mobile options in most markets. Lowering costs and providing well organized preventative on-site maintenance is always our first priority. Nearly all service providers are set-up with the traditional Fleet Management Companies (FMC’s) for approval, billing and payment acceptance. Learn MoreView Video

Fleet Services

Lift Truck Services

Our service provides are equipped to service and repair all makes and models of lift trucks and material handling equipment. They maintain the highest technical standards in the industry and are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and highly trained technicians that can provide mobile or shop services. Most service providers have transport trucks that can pick up or deliver equipment with just a simple phone call and rentals are available when major repairs are scheduled in advance.

Towing & Transport Service

Pinmarx can connect coordinated towing and transport services for all organizations. With our diverse team of service providers, we are able to offer many different types of tow services to customers. From lightweight vehicles like vans and pick-up trucks to semi-trucks & trailers. Transport capabilities include equipment, machinery, rolling-stock, and all types of fleet assets. While our service providers understand that safety comes first, they also recognize they are an emergency-based response business. Pinmarx and our towing partners provide quality on-time scheduled or un-scheduled services 24-7. Learn MoreView Video

Towing Services

Mobile Fleet Washing Services

Mobile Fleet Washing

Our mobile fleet washing providers high-pressure wash for several industry-leading organizations that demand affordable fleet washing within the transportation industry. Depending on the desired wash schedule and the size & type of your fleet to be cleaned, the fleet wash estimators can pinpoint exact unit costs and quickly deliver written estimates and fleet cleaning schedules for each operation both large and small. Our service providers wash box-trucks, semi-trucks, delivery trucks, vans, trailers, tankers, and more. Learn MoreView Video

Quick Lube & Fluid Analysis

On-demand oil change & fluid analysis nationwide. Get signature service oil changes or fluid analysis samples when your drivers are on the road anywhere in the US. Pinmarx has agreements with several local, regional, and national quick lube and fluid analysis service providers to provide bundled services on demand. Service providers offer light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicle, truck, and equipment support. Learn moreView Video

Invoicing Software

Invoice Tracking Software

Our software manages fleet, lift-truck, machinery, and equipment solutions and archives invoice costs providing access 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. Simply access invoice data from any smart-phone or computer and visualize billing and invoice totals completely with service histories with your staff or management. Our system is cloud-based and powered with excellent filters & tools to help any executive analyze and manage all invoices in one centralized location. Learn more

Keep Your Business Running

Don’t let a mechanical failure stop your company from making money. Our service providers are fully licensed to provide shop or mobile repairs with the latest equipment & technology to service your box-trucks, cargo vans, and sprinters while providing excellent value and service to keep you up and running. Because delivery vehicles are the lifeblood of your business, it’s essential to your success and ours. Assets are generally secured daily at our service provider locations.

Tires & Brakes

Pinmarx service providers know what it takes to keep your assets operating safely at peak performance while providing maximum value for your tire services. Our independent network supports many industries including transportation, heavy equipment and ride-sharing. The tires installed by our trusted service providers transport everything from people to groceries and service most regions of the US. From passenger vehicles to class-8 diesel trucks, our technicians are prepared with shop or mobile support for every occasion. Learn MoreView Video

Glass Repair & Replacement

Service providers have fully equipped mobile fleet glass repair vehicles and can provide services for nearly all types of fleets, lift trucks, equipment, and machinery. Our glass experts provide pick-up, delivery, mobile, in-shop and even shuttle services for nearly every customer and offer cost-saving solutions that make sense for almost any operation. Customers can schedule a mobile service quickly and our glass providers routinely meet DOT & OSHA compliance.

Planned Maintenance

Keeping your fleet assets safe and running is a job for our platform. Using technology, your assets will be well maintained and will improve your bottom line because unexpected breakdowns will be minimized. Pinmarx will create a maintenance program that will track and document each asset history, scheduled repair time and cost per hour or mile. Planned maintenance will save your organization time and money and help schedule your dollars spent. Learn MoreView Video

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics may be the best form of advertising you can buy according to many fleet managers. Vehicle graphics have a high impact and promote the style, layout, color, and type of message your company may wish to promote boosting brand awareness and marketing for your type of product or service. Graphics are unique to your business and our service providers can help increase your visibility and separate your company from the competition.


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