Last Mile Services

Pinmarx Provides Software Technology & Service Providers For Your Success

With last mile delivery taking center stage and providing significant disruption in grocery, food and retail, Pinmarx will direct a major portion of its resources towards last mile vehicle services and mobile maintenance. As the US parcel delivery business expands at record numbers with the expectation to double in the coming years, Pinmarx will create direct programs for logistic contractors at the top companies located in North America. In today’s current climate, dedicated delivery personnel employed or licensed by the logistic companies, pick up parcels at a distribution center (DC) or consolidation point then aggregate the packages and deliver them directly to the recipients. This incredible delivery volume puts stress on operators and vehicles.

Experts agree that vehicle maintenance will change dramatically as billions of parcels are delivered worldwide and the continuous demand for quick delivery and the quicker repair of assets continues to rise. Because a large demographic percentage of consumers desire faster home delivery, digital retailers have learned that approximately 1/4th of consumers are willing to pay into memberships and establish accounts for the privilege of same-day or instant delivery of products to their home or office.

With this new mindset likely to increase, consumers are more inclined to choose same-day and instant delivery over regular or standard delivery. Therefore, service providers must also adjust and develop quicker, more connected, and faster methods of supporting on-demand vehicle and asset maintenance. This revolutionary change in support provided by Pinmarx will see the dramatic rise in mobile services, shuttle support and a workforce managed by a network that operates around the clock. Contracted support by dealers and independent service providers make up just a portion of the Pinmarx Connect platform.

Mobile services include glass repair or replacement, oil changes, mechanical repair work, fleet cleaning & fleet detailing, on-site tire & brake work, mobile fleet fueling and numerous other categories of support. New services such as iShutyl, Auto-Pays, Quick-Rents, and Snap Oil-Change are just a few of the name brands Pinmarx has begun to promote to contractors.

Although the majority of Pinmarx service providers within the network primarily work on petroleum powered delivery vehicles, box-trucks and step-vans, the future may change dramatically. Large high-roof vans are typically used as standard delivery vehicles today but in the future drones, autonomous ground vehicles or AGV’s, droids, bike couriers and semi-autonomous electric ground vehicles with lockers may be directly owned and operated by these same logistic groups that are partnering with Pinmarx now.