Auto-Pays is an easy to use application designed to handle the challenges of accepting payments in the transportation and material handling industry. Auto-Pays offers a secure, scalable, and reliable way for service providers and customers to move money and quickly pay invoices digitally. Our custom payments API is developed with industry-leading partners that integrate with our Pinmarx Connect application which streamlines the collection process.

Auto-Pays allows service providers to accept payments on products, services, maintenance, and repairs. Service providers have the choice to self-pay or pay-it-now, with features that eliminate the time spent trying to get paid for completed services. Auto-Pays was started by Pinmarx and is led by a team with many years of payment processing experience. Auto-Pays accelerates payment collection and distribution to mobile mechanics and service providers making it easy to pay invoices when they become due.

Why Companies Choose Auto-Pays


Replace existing payment technology and integrate payment functionality into Pinmarx Connect with threshold limits established in advance using the ACH API.

The program includes:

  • Multiple funds flows
  • Multiple bank account verification methods
  • Pinmarx Connect dashboard for real-time monitoring
  • Confirm user onboarding & transaction statuses


Having a responsive API keeps administrators up-to-date with transaction activity and the ability to transfer funds on your schedule.

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Automated returns via webhook subscriptions
  • Customized reporting for all locations
  • Pay-It-Now from the Pinmarx Connect dashboard


Customers are moving billions of dollars each year using our partners ACH API. The process is easy-to-use and simple to set-up. For service providers both large and small the program offers the following:

  • Mass payment functionality for multiple transactions
  • No annual minimum commitment to start transacting
  • Multiple customized tiered levels of support

How Does Auto-Pays Work For You


Auto-Pays is a one stop shop for your credit card and fleet check acceptance needs.


Reducing time, return fees, trips to the bank, and fraud due to faulty checks


Digitally store authorization for repair orders and reduce chargebacks.


Improve accounting processes and deposit times quickly.


Order all services from a mobile device or computer for shop or mobile services


With Auto-Pays by Pinmarx you can track or analyze every part of the process.

We prove our value with customers by offering a free-to-join pilot program. We are confident you will enjoy the benefits of working with Auto-Pays and how we can simplify and accelerate digital payment collection for your business.