Our Story

Founder Daniel Pina was inspired to start Pinmarx in 2009 after experiencing variations in pricing and service levels on pickup trucks, box-trucks, flatbed trailers, semi-trucks and equipment. Daniel witnessed these variations for both shop and mobile on-site service work while he was an investor/partner in a site construction company specializing in wind-farm and highway construction. Beginning with just one independent repair shop in Southwest Portland, Daniel started matching truck and material handling repairs. Armed with a global idea limited only by language and payment options, Daniel started growing a network of expert service providers that set the stage for the creation of the Pinmarx Corporation, Pinmarx Connect, and the Auto-Pays.com payment gateway.

Meeting with over two thousand potential customers within the first year and a half of creating his new venture, Daniel confirmed there was an immediate need for the services of Pinmarx. His experience managing thousands of ATM cash machine repairs in the financial services industry and providing high value & time sensitive repairs in the construction industry, solidified his belief that many industries needed a better way to repair or service their assets. After requests from several types of commercial customers from the government to private fleet, Daniel worked closely with expert service providers to better understand their fleet requirements, fulfillment & contracts, parts ordering, invoice tracking and how to archive services & repairs for every asset type. Pushing this new data to the Pinmarx Connect cloud was an early goal of Pinmarx and Daniel knew he would have to partner with industry veterans to gain traction and confidence with the platform.

These early adopters with decades of experience helped provide the foundation and base to take the next step for the network to grow. As the word spread about Pinmarx that top tier industry experts were contracting with the company, more and more customers were able to find the local support they needed from the growing network. Soon services poured in from Alaska and Hawaii to Arizona and Arkansas. Daniel envisioned a simple software tool that could help customers and service providers automate the process when ordering automotive or commercial fleet services. The Pinmarx program was established to streamline operations, help standardize costs, reduce waste, improve safety and archive maintenance and repair data. The program would also showcase all invoices and cost regardless of FMC involvement and be offered to each customer at no charge.

Using Daniel’s experience in electronic payment processing, ATM field technical support and construction services, he founded the Pinmarx Corporation. Started as a free to join B2B network that matches customers with service providers, Pinmarx coordinates all aspects of commercial fleet support and equipment. Daniel templatized every part of the ordering process and used those details to have his staff wire-frame and create final templates what would eventually become Pinmarx Connect. Co-Founders Paul Dobson & Brian Holt quickly joined in to help track & structure the revenue models while architecting the Pinmarx Connect ordering platform. The goal was to design a first version software that could fulfill submitted requests by customers and then assign each request to available service providers wanting a larger pipeline of work.

Services could be pre-determined, scheduled or on-demand for each customer. While Paul focused on revenue generation, average tickets and life cycles of each asset, Brian worked closely with software engineers to make the new program simple and easy to use. Adoption of the new software would make managing daily operations easier and establish a dedicated link from commercial fleet operators to available service providers. This new link would minimize emails and nearly eliminate time consuming phone calls made prior to the Pinmarx Connect technology being available. Dashboard views of centralized data were only months away and with the new seed capital from a Portland automotive veteran with over four decades of experience, plus existing royalties being generated, Pinmarx Connect was launched.

The new platform is designed to help customers standardize price points and delivers a meticulous set of automated instructions quickly, professionally and with accuracy. Fleet managers, drivers, and operators are now able to eliminate the inefficient manual processes, paper archiving, over-pricing and the lengthy contracts generally utilized by older established fleet management companies or FMC’s. Now, with over 25,000 completed services during the beta period, Daniel and his team are pushing to revolutionize the way all fleet services are coordinated now and in the future.


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