Cascade Windows sees a dramatic increase in efficiency that results in better service and better safety for their company.

Serving a population of over 1.6 million residents, the Cascade Window operations department manages 145 light-weight vehicles, trailers and material handling assets. A regional fleet of this size expects precise on-demand scheduling and professional routine maintenance day and night. Ladd Parry, Cascade’s Operations Manager, along with his team use the Pinmarx Connect platform to manage many assets that are used for installations in a 200-mile radius throughout the State of Arizona.

The need to separate asset information prompted a search for transportation software.

For Cascade Windows, managing each of their assets information and offering a way for them to view their cost and vendor selection was the reason they chose the Pinmarx Connect system. “The focus was to find something that tracked assets, tracked repair vendors, stored invoices, provided easy access for vehicle maintenance records and would be used as a tracking mechanism to monitor the safety and asset inspections on our assets,” said Mr. Parry.

One system meets a variety of functions while improving profits and increasing safety.

“Pinmarx was able to create and provide a flexible and adaptable software platform that fits our needs,” said Parry. “They gave us the ability to track and maintain several assets within our fleet, create special reports and give us the ability to view our historical information”.

The Pinmarx Connect software is heavily utilized by Cascade Windows. When a customer submits an MSR (maintenance, service or repair) request with Pinmarx Connect the following process occurs in their system:
1. An MSR request is submitted.
2. The MSR is assigned to a service provider.
3. Estimates & all costs are provided to the customer by the service provider assigned the job.
4. The job is accepted by the fleet or operations manager and PO approvals are provided to the service provider.
5. The work is completed and invoiced.
6. Within 72 hours, invoices are hosted on the cloud and available for customer viewing.

Other components of the system make tracking faster, simpler and much easier than current manual processes. “Final costs are now tracked and properly accounted for by invoice, mile or meter. Previously these were very difficult to track,” commented Mr. Parry. “All vendor and service provider costs are easily monitored with the Pinmarx Connect software system”. Previously we relied on our accounting departments based out of state or our local administrators to assist us with this process.”

Mr. Parry said the top four biggest accomplishments through the system are:

1. Better tracking.
2. Cost management.
3. Easy scheduling.
4. Simple vendor assignment.

“I was able to accomplish this with the help of Pinmarx Connect,” commented Mr. Parry. “Pinmarx has a simple method to process vendor assignment & cost tracking that’s free and easy”.

Ladd Parry Cascade windows

Cascade Windows
Spokane, Washington
Window Manufacturing
# of Assets Managed
145+ Assets

“Pinmarx Connect has affected how we manage our preventative maintenance,
schedules and our safety inspections
which has helped us increase our
bottom line.”
– Ladd Parry, Arizona Plant
Cascade Windows
Operations Manager

Cascade Windows Vehicles