Unmatched fleet coordination without customer contracts

Pinmarx coordinates fleet, lift-truck, equipment and machinery services into one comprehensive program. Our innovative service coordination process manages a commercial fleet network that provides maintenance, service or repairs including oil changes, annual inspections or preventative maintenance under a single platform. Your organization can save money and reduce downtime with our network of quality, Authorized Pinmarx Dealers. Our program services all types and brands of light to heavy-duty fleet vehicles, forklifts, equipment, and machinery. Just drop us an email and we will provide all of the direct dealer services for the discounted repairs on your units in a mobile, shop or on-site arrangement.

Team of Experts

Pinmarx service providers are highly trained professionals with extensive experience and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to complete your job on time and on budget. Great service offerings, combined with fair pricing and honest billing give our customers a competitive pricing and service advantage eliminating transportation fees, fuel and labor. From fleet washing and free access to our Digital Transportation Software to auction service disposal and parts discounts, our platform is designed to save time and money for our customers.

Personal Service

Let your Pinmarx customer service representative or on-site agent coordinate and oversee all of your unit needs in collaboration with our dependable contracted team of service providers. Allowing our representative and agents to set-up accounts and hand off the maintenance, service and repairs for your fleet to our software platform gives you the ability to focus on your core business. Our service providers and their professional technicians and mechanics are experienced in working with operation and warehouse managers and will be there for each customer throughout the entire process.

Pre-Negotiated Pricing

Pinmarx pre-negotiates and helps pre-determine pricing on all service provider products and services before customer username & passwords are activated. No matter the size of your fleet, local, regional or national, companies can take advantage of discounts on parts, services, software and our end to end asset disposal programs. Billing can also be service provider consolidated depending on the products or services acquired for our customers.

Track It

We provide cutting edge integrated fleet coordination software called Pinmarx Connect for your organization to keep track of your invoices so we can easily run reports directly from the software. Customers can log in with a user-name and password and look up historical data and repair history at any time. Our program allows any manager, executive or ownership to completely track, manage and report all costs related to any operation.

Coordination + Savings = Satisfied Long-Term Customers

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