Each service provider or dealer added to the Pinmarx program is carefully selected and shares the same passion and desire to help organizations afford the services they need & want. Our service providers provide maintenance, service and coordinated repair services that help our customers operate, track, and even retire fleet vehicles, forklifts, equipment, and machinery. They provide these services to each customer to help lower or streamline operational expenses, track unit or asset data and ultimately help each customer increase their profitability.

Today, Pinmarx operates on those very same principles for both our customers and our service providers. We are committed to creating value for our service provider channel by supporting them with superior software instructions, programs, and a streamlined process every step of the way. We are driven by the successes of our service provider channel and only earn revenue when pre-qualified paying customers are happy with each completed job. We expect our service providers to lead the industry in customer service and support and make every effort to provide quality, honest services for all customers activated in the program.

One of the hallmarks of our Pinmarx service provider program is the flexibility we provide to continue operating as a successful independent platform business. Our service providers continue their operations while maintaining the “Authorized Pinmarx Dealer” brand and enjoying the benefits of being part of a progressive technology platform. These underlying operating principles allow each Pinmarx service provider to support several years of beta-testing, agreement negotiations, price determinations and software evaluations. The service provider or dealer program and the multiple offerings we have selected into the program have been a carefully coordinated effort with the support and input of our valued service provider partners.

These activities, combined with our experience and support systems, resulted in the development of the current version of Pinmarx Connect, iShutyl, Auto-Pays, Quick-Rents, SNAP Oil Change and our Last Mile Delivery program. We are proud to have supported the efforts of a few pioneering service providers and are even prouder of the spectacular results the program has created for employees, vendors, suppliers and other parts and supply distributors affiliated with each Pinmarx service provider and customer.

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